I am thrilled to announce your recovery from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is about to accelerate in a positive, life-long direction. Voice of TBI has partnered with doctors, lawyers, counselors, caregivers, dieticians, and various neuro-specialists for one major reason: to boost your recovery by bringing the experts to you.

Welcome to the Improvement Over Injury program!

On the first Tuesday of every month, starting November 7, 2017, program participants will gather together to eat food and hear an expert guest speaker on a TBI recovery topic (i.e. anxiety, diet, etc.). The guest speaker’s presentation will be available on live stream for those that cannot attend, and it will also be recorded and uploaded to VoiceOfTBI.org.

All IOI participants will receive the following…

  • Individual assessments and recovery recommendations.
  • Free meals at each meeting
  • Access to luncheons, trips, and other fun social activities.
  • Recovery-based gifts at every meeting depending on the topic for the month.
  • One-on-one sessions with me, Cameron Fathauer, to talk about goals, vocations, and life with a TBI.
  • Direct access to professionals (counselors, doctors, therapists, caregivers, etc.).
  • TBI Survival Kits: cognitive puzzles, diet recommendations, and other recovery-based tips in a complimentary gift bag.



1st Tuesday of each month, starting November 7, 2017 at 6:30 PM.


Guest speaker: Brain Injury Association of Indiana representative and Rehab Hospital of Indiana facilitator, Jean Capler, is giving a presentation on how the brain works.



Schad & Schad Trial Lawyers (223 East Spring Street New Albany, IN, 47150).



We ask for a donation of any dollar value to get into the program.

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